Training on a ghoul takes about 25-30% longer than if you used a monk. It has advantages though, if you're a level 91 knight or level 36 paladin you will have enough mana to convince a ghoul. You can then train alone and don't need a friend to summon for you.

* Either convince a ghoul or have a friend summon one for you.
* Hit the ghoul with a relatively weak weapon.
* You need 2 monsters hitting you for your shielding, the weaker the better.

For the weapon choice, use the strongest weapon that you can without killing the ghoul. You will definately need to downgrade your weapon as you get higher skills.

You can also experiment with using offensive/balanced/defensive fighting, for both yourself and the summoner. The aim is to do as many blood hits as you can without killing the ghoul.

If you have a summoned or convinced ghoul and you attack something but don't kill it, the defence of the ghoul is lowered. If you go and kill another monster with the ghoul, say a wolf, the defence of the ghoul is raised back up to normal. You can also experiment with this to get the most out of your ghoul training. It makes a large difference too, with it's defence high I can train full attack with a crowbar without killing it, with it's defence low I easily kill it on full defence with a crowbar.