Distance training is different to melee training because the more blood hits you do, the faster you train. So while training distance you should always be looking to do as many blood hits as possible, however you should try and make the hits for as low damage as you can to minimise healing. While training distance you'll also want 2 weak monsters hitting you to raise your shielding, you have to be using a shield too!

Low skill players can train using spears on a monk but you'll quickly find that you kill the monk and you need a new target.

The first option is just to train with another player, you should either look for another paladin that also wants to train or ask a knight friend to let you hit him while he's training. Spears are the best option because you can cheaply buy them from NPC's. As mentioned above, you want lots of small blood hits, experiment with different equipment and using offensive/balanced/defensive fighting.

The other option is to collect/buy small stones and then go to dark cathedral and convince a dark monk, which unlike regular monks can be convinced. Small stones have such low damage that you should be able to train on a dark monk without killing it, and it's really nice because you can train alone without being dependant on anyone else.