Approximate number of players in online time counter database: 218104.

The online time counter was programmed to help in locating players that either use bots/macros, or character share to remain in game for very large amounts of time. Although the online time counter may give a good indication that someone is violating the rules in this way, it is only an indication.

A red entry indicates an online time for that day of 21-24h.
An orange entry indicates an online time for that day of 18-21h.
A yellow entry indicates an online time for that day of 15-18h.

Every entry of 21 hours or more is recorded forever in the "insomniacs list", when you perform a character search it shows every insomniacs entry that has been recorded for that player. At the end of each month any character level 20 or higher has it's monthly time recorded in the archives, which can be viewed by performing a character search. Any character under level 20 has it's month time discarded, however it will continue to be monitored but there's just too many low level characters to archive all of their info.

The daily cycle begins at 12:00 CEST regardless of the server, this is the time a lot of US servers save game. The counter updates every 15 minutes, it simply downloads the who-is-online list off and if a player is already in the database it adds 15 minutes to their online time, if not it adds them to the database with an online time of 15 minutes. I'm sorry but I do not distribute my scripts, if you wish to do something similar I might be able to give you some advice but you will need to code your own scripts.