Wildcard Character Search Added

You can now do a wildcard search, using % as the wildcard. Psk%tt will return all characters beginning with psk and ending in tt, so the wildcard search can be used to find name fakes or to locate characters if you're missing part of their name (the part you do put in must be spelt correctly). You can also use multiple wildcards, such as P%one%tt, or do something like Eternal%. However, this only returns a maximum of 500 results so searching for something like Eternal% or Lady% is not really that useful. Also note that like the Online Time Counter it's not case sensitive, searching for psk%tt is identical to doing Psk%tt.

Guild Listings Added

You can now search for each guild and get an online time display of all of the members of that guild. I'm planning on adding a few more features such as being able to sort the guild display columns. I'll probably also add guild stats, so at the top you get some info about the number of members, average time, maybe number of insomniacs entries etc.

Linking to the Online Time Counter
The page address (URL) is shown at the bottom of every Online Time Counter page so that you can share specific pages. You will need to use the link at the bottom of the page, if you copy the one in your address bar you will be taken to this page instead of the Online Time Counter page that you had open.