November 23rd 2010
I've removed the insomniacs entries from the 16th November since the times for the 15th and 16th got merged.
November 23rd 2010
I've updated my scripts to work with the Tibia homepage update, and also added Fidera, Magera, and Olympa to the Online Time Counter! As of right now guilds will not be updating, I will fix that soon.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know of the problem, I was in Chile for work at the time and couldn't fix it until now.
February 9th 2009
I have created a Death Loss Calculator, Distance Hit Chance Calculator, and an Experience Calculator, check them out!
February 8th 2009
I have updated the magic calculator! It is now up to date with all of the current spells ans formulas. Note that I have used the formulas listed on Tibia Wiki, they may not be perfect but they should be fairly accurate. If you locate any problems and email me, I can fix them.
January 17th 2009
I've added "Display 2008 Counts" to the Online Time Counter menu. This is a tally of how many insomniacs entries each character has, and can be sorted by server. There are 78773 entries in this database, meaning that is how many different characters got 1 or more insomniacs entries during 2008.
January 10th 2009
You can now find "Display 2008 Ranks" in the Online Time Counter menu. This lists the total time each character spent online during 2008, and how that ranks across all characters of all servers. This is built from my archives, so a month only counts if the character was level 20 or higher at the end of that month. Servers and Guilds are not stored in my archives so they are not available in the Total Online Time display page, and consequently ranks cannot be generated per server. FYI there are 1,508,504 Characters in this database, meaning that is how many characters level 20 or higher logged in during 2008.
January 9th 2009
I've updated the Unjust Kills Tool so that it can accept data from Internet Explorer aswell as Firefox. If you have problems with other browsers you can email me the data you're inputing and I'll take a look.

Some of the calculators are obviously out of date, if anyone has the new info and you email it to me I can take a look and put it into a calculator script.
June 23rd 2008
There was a small problem where the online time counter did not do it's daily maintenance so two days online times were added together, I've deleted the times for the effected day so that no insomniacs entries result. Should it happen again I'd just delete the insomniacs for that day, so it's nothing to worry about.

A scam web site with the URL has been started, and the guy behind it is using the MSN name "Engerd @ Blackd". This site is a fake of the real run by Alex, and is in no way affiliated with, Alex, or myself.
June 1st 2008
I've fixed some problems with the Online Time guild listings:

There was a problem on servers with lots of players in guilds that prevented that servers entries being updated (I think the MySQL query was getting too large and being rejected). It should be fixed now, but if it happens again email me to let me know;

I also fixed a bug where guilds with an ' in their name would not be recorded;

Guilds currently being formed are also now recorded;

Finally, if a guild page cannot be fetched, it will be retried every 8 hours until it succeeds.

If you like the fanart of my char on this page check out this one. It is an early draft where we were first experimenting with the idea of a red robe over the top of an e-plate, with a demon skull staff as a weapon. Here is another evolution. These are also both by Holy Mijeman (Mike Jewett).
January 4th 2008
I've added my recent advance screenshots, as well as some berserk screenshots. The highest one is a 929 to 4 DL's.

Check the insomniacs page for new stats on which servers have the most rampant cheating! (Psst Elera)
March 10th 2007
Nerana and Unitera have been added to the Online Time Counter.
February 4th 2007
Yesterday a cpanel exploit that injected code into mod_layout was causing to display code that used the 0day Internet Explorer remote code execution exploit. This exploit has now been crushed so is completely safe again. I'm unable to find any reliable info as to exactly what the code did, but I did find out that Microsoft has known about this problem for 9 months and have still not patched it. If you're using Internet Explorer then stop, get Firefox or Opera. These IE exploits are extremely common and you will all be much better off if you simply avoid using the software. As I mentioned it's a new cpanel exploit, cpanel is an extremely common server frontend so there will no doubt be a very large number of other sites effected by this exploit. Even though the problem is fixed on, if you continue to use IE you'll probably run into problems on other sites so do yourself a favour and get Firefox.

You can find more info on the based forums here.
January 29th 2007 is a supported fansite and are currently hosting a forum for here. You can use it to report bugs on this site or for any other problems. They are also hosting the Tibia movie competition where you can win items from Cipsoft, check it out!
January 9th 2007
I've mirrored the new client at to give you another location to download from since Cipsofts 2 servers are so overloaded. Be aware that whenever you download such files from non-supported fansites you risk being hacked since keyloggers can be added. I don't do that, which will be proven by comparing my copy to the official copies but just keep in mind the dangers of downloading stuff like this and make sure you think first about what sites you trust.
December 5th 2006
You can now search for guilds or click the link next to the players guild in the Online Time Counter. The guild listings will be updated once a week so if members/guilds are added/removed it can take a few days for the changes to show up. It has to be done this way because every time I update the list my server has to download about 5300 web pages from I might add a few other touches such as being able to sort the guild pages but for now it will do as is.
December 3rd 2006
Ive added a wildcard search on the Online Time Counter. You can put % into character names and click wildcard, p%one%tt will show every character beginning with p, with one in the middle somewhere, and ending in tt. There are 5 p one tt's :-P. You can use it to look for namefakes (check out tai%ry), maybe if you want to find someone but you don't know their whole name, or just for fun. You must still spell the remaining part of their name right though. The wildcard search shows a maximum of 500 results and also note that the Online Time Counter database only holds the names of players that have been online in the last week and current month, this search will not show you inactive characters.
November 16th 2006
The online time counter is back up, I think I've got it running okay now.
November 15th 2006
I'm going to leave the online time counter down for now until I get a couple of issues sorted out.
November 13th 2006
I'm still tweaking a few things to get performance optimal, you might notice the online time counter behaving a little erratically. In other news I put up a new movie, it's nearly half a gig and 44 minutes long. I haven't actually watched it yet, so maybe someone can start a thread somewhere and review it so I know how long I should keep it up (at that size it won't be forever).
November 12th 2006
Okay, I've purchased some VPS web hosting and after a crash course in web server admin and SSH etc I'm in the process of configuring the server. You may notice a little downtime while things get moved over but after that I'm hoping the site performance increases greatly. At the very least there shouldn't be the daily overloads that occur on the current shared server.

A couple of people have emailed me about helping with the calculator section. I am wanting to get the missing parts filled in and I'm looking for raw data, for the parts that are missing I need character level, magic level, and the max and min damages. From there I will work out the formulas, I'm not interested in using formulas from other web sites because a lot of them are wrong. For instance, I've killed hundreds of demons using explosion and never once hit a 0 so I know for a fact that the minimum damage with explosion is not 0 like a lot of the other formulas say it is. I think the multiplier is 0.1 but I don't know for sure, anyway if you want to help out you can send me the raw data and when I have enough to be sure the formula is right I'll put it online. Things like GFB are a lot easier because armor doesn't effect them, I just haven't got around to it yet.
October 14th 2006
You may of noticed problems with the site over the last couple of days, I'm aware of them and I'm doing what I can to minimise the impact. Basically my host moved my site from a good server to an already overloaded one then suspended the site and told me I needed to pay them $160 a month for dedicated hosting :/ I got rid of them and the site's back at the old host, which is still paid up for a couple of months. I use the money from the ads to pay for hosting and unfortunately that only allows for shared hosting, using shared hosting there will always be problems from time to time.
October 6th 2006
I've put up a page that lets you browse the insomniacs entries.
September 25th 2006
I've put up a few other older movies that I had saved.
September 19th 2006
My old host has just been giving me way to many troubles so I'm changing to a new one. While the move takes place you may notice the Online Time Counter acting a little weird, don't worry about it.
September 20th 2006
The migration from my old host is complete and I've changed a couple of things:

First I have removed the ability to sort the Online Time Counter when the server is set to "All". It's sorted by the time spent online for the previous 7 days and you still have the old sorting options if you select one of the individual servers.

I've also added a test streaming video, it's of the Helmet of the Ancients quest recorded by Flocky and I thought it was good. I've got a ton of bandwidth so if you have any general interest movies like this I'll host them.
September 19th 2006
My old host has just been giving me way to many troubles so I'm changing to a new one. While the move takes place you may notice the Online Time Counter acting a little weird, don't worry about it.
September 18th 2006
I've uploaded my latest batch of advance screenshots and a few mysterious voodoo skull ones. The mysterious voodoo skull is dropped by Enlightened of the Cult and is basically like a fortune cookie, once a day you can use it and it gives you a fortune. I've got 3 voodoo skulls at the moment, I'll try and put pics of all of the fortunes up.

I've also put a magic damage calculator up, I haven't got all of the formulas yet so the missing damages will be filled in as I get them. If you notice any errors in the damages I'll fix them if you email me using the link under the menu.

I've also removed the banished player searching from the Online Time Counter, this feature wasn't used much but it consumed a large amount of resources.
July 19th 2006
I started monitoring the 2 new servers a couple of days ago, now you can view these servers on the Online Time Counter.
July 3rd 2006
Same problem again today, I've tried a couple of things to hopefully fix it. I've also made a few optimisations so the online time counter will be faster now.

~ At the end of the month any lvl 20+ who has been online has their month time recorded forever in the "archives".
~ All characters that have not been online this month or the last have been removed from the database.

These archives are displayed on the individual character info pages, either search for a character or click the little "P" link.
July 2nd 2006
My server had problems communicating with today so I've had to reset todays online counter times to 0 to prevent incorrect insomniacs entries.
May 29th 2006
I've got some pharaoh screenshots up. There's not a lot of action in them because we're too busy healing and such :-P
May 26th 2006
During the network move there was a problem with the Cpanel software so this site experienced some downtime, it should be fixed now.
May 17th 2006
Due to ongoing problems with EV1 my host is changing networks, so expect to be offline for a few hours on Thursday or Friday. I've also got the calculator up to calculate your blood/spark percentage while distance training. If you time how long it takes to get 1% of your skill and enter it into that calc, it will allow you to get much more accurate times out of the distance calculator.
May 15th 2006
The mana training and distance calculators are up, I've also added fist fighting to the melee calculator.
May 13th 2006
I'm starting work on a set of online calculators, melee/shielding is already up and the others will come as I complete them. I'm planning to add distance fighting, mana training, and the amount of stats you lose if you die. Basically it's an online version of TibCalc and like with TibCalc you should find that if you train on a monk the times given to you will be accurate to the second, look in the training section for information on how to train best.
May 12th 2006
The Online Time Counter now shows 50 results per page and you can view 20 pages. Basically it will load much faster especially if your PC is a little slower, but at the same time you have access to double the number of results. If you notice any bugs use the link under the menu to email me. I've also tidied up a few other things around the site :-)
April 28th 2006
If you're a regular visitor you'll notice a few changes on the site. I wasn't planning on releasing the update for a while yet but I've decided to do it ahead of schedule because there is a Tibianews shortnews article involving this site and I'm expecting quite a lot of traffic. I haven't finished a few things such as the updates in the screenshots section, but everything major that used to be on the site is still here.

The largest change is that I've programmed a javascript menu, so you will now need a browser that supports javascript, download Firefox if you need to update your browser. I'm also working on adding a second "advanced" Online Time Counter display page which uses javascript to give you some quite neat features but that won't be ready for a while.

Larger screenshots are shrunk to fit on the page, if you want to view them full size right click and select view image. I'll also be adding screenshots of my pharaoh hunts very soon.
February 10th 2006
Doesn't look like anyone's using the chat, oh well, I'll leave it up anyway. For all of the people that email me about the prices of TrimeraShop items in their local currency, check it out now You can choose from USD, CAD, AUD, and NZD.
February 1st 2006
The Online Time Counter archives for January are up. As you can see many of the servers have multiple players who average over 17 hours a day online, but remember that the site was down for a few days so it's more like 500 hours in 25 days. Obviously the top times on Ocera are all either using bots, macros, or character sharing to be online 24/7 for a month straight, you really have to ask yourself if the rules mean anything at all.
January 31st 2006
I've put a Live Chat system up, it's a basic package built into my web host software. Now you can talk to people from all servers instead of just on forums. No doubt it will get abused and removed after a short while, but until then it's there for you to use :P
January 13th 2006
You can now select a default server for the Online Time Counter. You'll want to keep a tab open just for the Online Time Counter, so if you're using Internet Explorer get rid of it and download Firefox :P
January 10th 2006
I was hunting Serpent Spawns and thought some of you might be interested in seeing some screenshots so I took a few. You can find them in the "Screenshots, New" or "Screenshots, General" sections.
January 9th 2006
I've uploaded the latest batch of my advance screenshots, you can find them in the "Screenshots, New" menu. There is also some new fan art up from Sarewok, they were Christmas gifts to his friends. In case any of you are wondering, since the maintenance the web server is performing much better (server load is much lower and all of that good stuff).
January 7th 2006
The bulk of the maintenance has been performed and the server problems have been corrected, hopefully this site and in particular the Online Time Counters will be more stable now. They are still configuring some of the less critical resources so there still could be brief periods of downtime while they finish the maintenance.
January 4th 2006
My host has had a few problems today which have been going on for quite a while. This site may be down for a day or 2 very soon while they correct the problems.
December 25th 2005
I've added Kyra and Ocera to my Online Time Counter. It was actually done in secret a couple of days ago because I wanted to see the level of cheating without scaring lots of them off. As you can see yesterday there was 24 insomniacs in Kyra and 53 insomniacs in Ocera, that's a total of 77 characters online for more than 21 hours in a single day. There was some shortnews on Tibianews about the gamemaster scrutiny of these servers, but obviously a lot more gamemaster activity is required to curb this massive level of cheating.
December 17th 2005
You can now download TibCalc 1.00 which has been changed to the new mana formulas introduced by the game update.
December 10th 2005
Some new screenshots are up. For your convenience you can find all of the latest ones in "Screenshots, New" as well as in their respective areas.
December 3rd 2005
This site has been down for about half of the day, it was due to a hosting server problem. The site is not going anywhere and I'm not getting rid of it, it was just one of the problems that happens with web sites on shared servers and can't really be avoided.
November 30th 2005
You'll notice that you can now view the online time counter archives I have for Trimera, but when the next month rolls around you will be able to view either the November archive or the current month for every server. I've also added a box to allow you to view anywhere from 50-1000 results instead of being set at 150 like before. Finally if you go into the insomniacs lists you will see a list of every insomniac from the previous day. You can still view all entries for your server like normal.
November 17th 2005 Online Time Counters for all!
I've made significant changes to the structure of the site, if you come across any errors let me know. Check out the all new Online Time Counter section which now monitors EVERY server!

I'm making a directory of Tibia related web sites, you can find it at There's not many sites listed there yet, if you have a Fotolog or web site then follow the directions to have it added.
November 16th 2005
I have changed the web hosting offer a little, they are slightly cheaper and I will accept payment in gp from other servers.

I have also decided to give away 3 month of hosting to 5 lucky people. First prize will be 3 months of the 40k package, prizes 2-5 will be 3 months of the 20k package. To enter this competition you must have a character over level 35 on Trimera, and you must register on the Foul Souls web site and then send me a PM on the FS forums saying that you want to enter my competition. Entries will close in 1 week.
November 12th 2005
The recent rule changes mean that now I can host quest related movies, check the movie section for some Demon Helmet TibiCams!.

I have also decided to offer web hosting to Trimera players. You can get your own web site and you will pay me in Trimera gp. This is suitable for your own personal web site, or for a guild web site with forums and whatever else you want. You can do nearly whatever you want with it, if you wanted to put Google advertising on the site and make money you could. Check out the Web Hosting link for details.
November 6th 2005
I've made a minor change which directs anyone using to, If you notice any problems please email me.
November 1st 2005
As promised I have created online time counters for the servers with the most votes, I decided to do an extra server so Amera, Astera, Elera and Premia got counters! Be sure to vote to decide which servers will get counters in December.
October 28th 2005
I've moved the voting page in to the Non-Trimera Online Times menu. You have 4 days left to vote if you want to get an online time counter for your server in November!
October 22nd 2005
The vote is now up, at this stage I'm planning on creating a counter for 1 or maybe 2 servers for 1 month and then restarting the vote. At the beginning of the next month the server(s) with the most votes will get the counters for that month. I've also removed the forums because no one used them for the intended purposes. I've put up a contact email that you can use.
October 22nd 2005
As you can see, I've rebuilt the site. A few things might not work yet, and I'm working on returning the other old features. Something to note is the online time counter, which now has much more advanced sorting. I'm also planning on setting up a vote where players can vote for which other server(s) I should set up an online time counter for, watch for it!
October 11th 2005
I've added a file upload to the unjust kills tool, which allows you to send hundreds or thousands of kills.
I'm also going to start recording movies and putting them up for everyone. At the moment I've got a demon solo up, click on movies to the left to download it. I've also moved the TibiCam's there.
October 10th 2005
I've added a tool to tell you how many unjustified kills you have available before you are red skulled and banned. Just click on Kill Stats in the menu to the left. If you discover any errors, post them on the forum. I take no responsibility for any errors.
July 30th 2005
I wanted to put up a calendar of events happening on Trimera but couldn't find suitable software, so I've installed a full forum package which has one built in. These forums now replace the guestbook and my contact emails, if you want to contact me create a user on the forum and either post in a forum or use the PM system.
July 30th 2005
I've added a TibiCam recording of Trimeras recent orc raid, captured by Warlord Bartuc. If you have any interesting Trimeran TibiCam's you would like me to host you can email them to me. However I won't host any that contain quest spoiling. I've also added a few other screenshots.
July 11th 2005
Added the Insomniacs List, a listing of every time a player spends over 21 hours online in 1 day! We had 3 insomniacs on the first day.
July 9th 2005
Updated my Online Time Counter, adding links to profiles and allowing sorting by specific columns. Also changed it back to monthly ranking by default, as it makes more sense now I have the sorting feature.
July 8th 2005
The search tool has been added, and I've changed it to count the daily time each player is online as well as the month total. The ranking is done off this daily value. At the end of the month I will archive the table and rank it on the monthly total, but until then you will need to wait to see who has been online the longest for the month.
July 7th 2005
The online time counter is pretty much finished, I may add a function to show who is currently online though.
July 6th 2005
I've added an online time counter for Trimera characters. It's only the skeleton at the moment, I intend to limit it to the highest 500, add a search function etc. It checks the who is online list every 5 minutes and every time it sees each player it adds 5 minutes to their online time.
July 4th 2005 - Trimeras first Djinn Blade
This weapon is called a Djinn Blade and is a rare drop from a pharoah. It's 38/22 and is a 1 handed sword. I've moved this site to a new host which shouldn't have much impact, but the mailing list has been removed. I've also added a few advancement and berserk screenshots.
May 19th 2005 - First Twin Axe Obtained
This weapon is called a Twin Axe, it's 2 handed and is a rare drop from a pharoah. I'm not going to spoil which pharoah it comes from or the stats on the weapon.
May 10th 2005
The scavenger hunt is now over and Lady Profits and Funloga won! You can see screenshots from the event in the screenshot section.
April 30th 2005

Click For Full Size Image
Here's a teaser of a character portrait Mike Jewett is doing for me. This is the pencil version, eventually it will be fully coloured with me standing in waist deep water casting a spell, the water being thrown back and monsters on the shore in the background. Keep an eye out for the final version!
April 24th 2005
Today the first Scavenger Hunt Special Event was run. "Pskonejott: A close friend of mine was rock climbing, he heard an almighty groar, was startled and slipped and died. He dropped his magic sword, you have to find his body and recover the sword". Ashilia was the brave explorer to recover the magic sword.
April 15th 2005
I've started a month long event which I'm calling a scavenger hunt. It's free to enter and first prize is 100k, I want as many people as possible to enter and to make this a large, fun event. Click on Scavenger Hunt in the menu for all of the info.
February 13th 2005
Added 17 screenshots of a Demon Helmet quest attempt lead by Seguwi. They were taken from a TibiCam movie made by Spy Ninja.
Added a pic of a 587hp berserk to a dragon.
February 6th 2005
Added 4 screenshots of a skunk plague in Edron.
Added a fan art pic of Magnuss done by Edana.
January 29th 2005
I've created a mailing list to announce new material on To join Email *removed* and put "subscribe news" in the subject and body of the email (without the quotation marks). When i put screenshots up I will try to include a more detailed description of them than I usually do in the news section.
January 28th 2005
Trimera had an Orc raid 2 and a half hours ago! I wasn't online but Camere took screenshots, they can be found in my screenshots section. If any of you have screenshots of the raid you can send them to me at and I'll put them up.
January 26th 2005
Added a Fan Art section, if you would like me to host pics you've done just Email them to me. Also added a SS of getting lvl 153 and hitting 294 to a behe with explosion.
January 14th 2005
The server was experiencing extreme lag with kicks so I decided to waste some manas on berserks, you can see the 11 berserks in the screenshot section. I got a new high of 302hp PVP :) Apart from that you might want to download the latest version of TibCalc if you're using an older version, I fixed a couple of problems in it.
January 4th 2005
I've added some documentation on how to train which quite a few people should find useful. A lot of things have been revealed lately with regards to training, so even if you think you know what's best you might want to check it out.