I will host movies specifically related to Trimera or any general interest movies. Basically since I play trimera I would put up a movie of a soccer game etc. that really only relates to Trimera, if it's a movie from a different server it must be something that interests everyone and not just people from that one server. If you've got something you want me to host email me and I'll give you an FTP login so you can up it directly to the server.

I haven't emailed anyone that owns the movies and as far as I'm aware all of the movies are public domain and not copyrighted. However, if you own the rights to one of the movies and want me to remove it just email me.

I use hotlinking protection, which means that if you post links on other sites they don't work.
If you want to record movies the best way is to Tibicam it first, then later on play the Tibicam back and capture the video. Once it's captured you can edit it, add sound, and then you must encode it to a managable file size.

You can capture using Fraps or SnagIt, they both cost about the same but SnagIt seems to be more popular amongst Tibians.

There are tons of different ways to go about editing and encoding movies, the easiest way is probably just to use Windows Movie Maker, which comes with Windows. It will allow you to make .wmv movies that are highly compatible and easy to watch. If you're looking for more features you can use something like VirtualDub, you'll need to look on the net for tutorials on how to use it. There are other CODECs available like DIVX6 from www.divx.com but I'd suggest sticking with WMV for compatibility.