It's easy to use, all you do is put in your current stats. In the second column that starts off full with 100's you should put in your current percentage to advance level, magic level, and skill.

Click here to download TibCalc V1.00

Originally only TibCalc existed and I had no Online Calculators. Now I have Online Calculators for everything TibCalc does, but I've left TicCalc available for anyone that may want a faster, more convenient way of calculating training stats.

The UH/HMM calc is still using the December 2005 formula so it no longer applies, but everything else is still good.

Version History
* Version 1.00 Changed to the new mana formulas introduced with the December 2005 update
* Version 0.32 fixed 0 mana needed for ML advance when entering a percentage less than 100
* Version 0.31 fixed erraneous values given for high skill inputs
* Version 0.3~ includes support for the skillbar percentages

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