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Every now and then people ask if this site violates the Tibia rules, or to be more accurate make complaints about this site after they get banned as a result of the online time counter. I'll do my best to explain how this site fits in with the Tibia rules below.

This is not a supported fansite so is in no way associated with Cipsoft. Cipsoft does not try to control the information on independant web sites, the exception might be Cipsoft banishing a player who set up a web site to harm the Tibia community by hacking, distributing programs with keyloggers, distributing cheat tools etc. Since my web site is honest and does not harm the community I'm free to do as I wish, within reason.

People also ask why I'm not banned for some of the things that I have on this site, I'm talking about non-harmful things such as the link to TibiaShop and the old offer of supplying web hosting for Tibia related web sites. This rule only applies in game or on the official Tibia forums. If you read the rule, it states that advertising these things are illegal and this only means in game and on the Tibia forums (This fact has been confirmed by Cipsoft Customer Support).

You shouldn't post links to this web site on the official Tibia forums or advertise this site in game. Cipsoft will banish players for posting any unofficial links, they can not go to every web site a player posts to check if it's safe so they must treat all unofficial links as dangerous. It's unfortunate but that's just the way it is, so if you want to share this site with friends use a PM.

Finally, high online time counter times are not proof that someone is macroing or sharing. GM's will not look at the online time counter and ban someone for being online 5 days straight, it's only an indication that they are cheating and GM's still have to catch them in the act. So try to understand that you should not hassle a GM if they refuse to ban someone with an impossibly high online time, they are not allowed to ban until they have other proof. If the player is macroing or using a bot you should wait until they're doing it and then post in the GM forum asking one to check on the player. Of course you can use the rule violation report in game if your server has GM's :-P